Aci Bertoncelj (1939-2002)

“A view of a man , full of hope should be cast into the future. Though the time comes when one looks back sponateously on the path marked by yout traces. If their path remanis barren and solitary, you are comforted by the thought of having paved the steps together with those following you; but still if your gaze rests on the cornfield that you sowed with seeds, you might rejoice at the sight of the harvesters who, by your sowing, can enjoy the fruits of your and their efforts.
Aci Bertoncelj

Aci Bertoncelj appeared on the music stage as a prodigy.He started his piano education with prof. Zorka Bradač at SGBŠ in Ljubljana. He graduated at the Academy of Music in the  prof.Hilda Horak class,  he further attended masterclasses in Salzburg with his tutors  Carlo Zecchi and Hans Leygraf, later in Paris with Pierre Sancan and in Rome with Guido Agosti. He had successful performances for years  in Slovenia and abroad as a soloist, chamber  musician and member of the Trio Tartini. He was one of the most distinguished pianists  in the music field of  the former Yugoslavia. He  worked as a piano professor at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana since 1979 and held the piano masterclasses in Viktring in Austrian Carinthia as well as at the Music School Fran Korun Koželjski in Velenje. He brought up numerous generations of Slovene pianists, many of them work as music teachers at the Music School Fran Korun Koželjski. He was awarded prestigious prizes, among others Prešeren Fund Award in 1972, Award of the city of Ljubljana and Award of the Slovene Composers Association. He recorded with the cellist Heinrich Schiff a record fot the record publishing house EMI and was awarded a Grand prix du disque Edison. As a soloist and a chamber musician he performed round Europe, in the United States, Canada, Israel and worked with numerous distinguished musicians, with Ivry Gitlisom, Irena Grafenauer, Heinrich Schiff, Andreas Reiner and with many others.

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