The association Consortium musicae Velanensis was founded in 1993. The main objective of the Association is to develop the music culture in the local area, to organize music events, to encourage the education in the music field and also to cooperate with other music associations. The vital goal of the association is to offer encouragement and financial support for the education of young musicians. From the very beginning the association has been closely cooperating with the Music School Fran Korun Koželjski.

– encouragement  of the music culture development in the local area,
– nourishing the humanistic tradition and putting efforts into the increase of the humanistic education level,
– taking care of the esthetics development as well as developing of the music theory,
– nourishing the Slovene music tradition and encouraging the contemporary Slovene music creativity,
– taking care of the popularity and presentation of the Slovene music creativity in Slovenia as well as abroad,
– encouragement and financial support of the professional education and training of the members,
– establishing  the cooperation with other music associations, societies and other music and humanistic institutions,
– program preparation and organization of the music, esthetic and humanistic training of the members,
– encouragement and financial support for the education and training of young musicians and conductors.

– organization of various music educational training forms for musicians,
– organization of competitions,
– organization of music events of its own music production, of the music production of the members and other participants,
– publishing.

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