General conditions 2016

  1. Young musicians regardless of their nationality may participate in the competition.
  2. Based on the order in which the applications are received, the organizer is allowed to limit the maximum number of the contestants.
  3. The competition is open to the public.
  4. Age categories
    Category JUNIOR: born in 2006 or later,
    Category A: born in 2003, 2004, 2005,
    Category C: born in 2000, 2001, 2002,
    Category  I: born in 1997, 1998, 1999.

A younger contestant may compete in the higher age category though the contestant is allowed to take part just in one age category only.

  1. Jury
    In case the member of the jury is a relative of the contestant or has been in a pedagogical relationship over in the past two years, he/she is excluded from the jury deliberations concerning this contestant. Any contact between the contestants and members of the jury is not allowed during the competition. Decisions made by the jury are final and appeals are not accepted. The results are announced after the conclusion of the competition in each category.
  2. Program
    The entire program must be performed without sheet music and must be performed within the time limit allocated by the competitions terms and conditions, as specified below. If the contestant exceeds the allocated time limit, the jury will stop the performance. The contestant, whose performance does not reach the allocated time limit, will be excluded from the competition. The allocated time limit includes arrival and departure from the stage, the duration of the performance and pauses during the pieces and during the movements. The order in which compositions are performed is not important and is determined by the participant. If requested by the jury the contestant must hand over all sheet music that was used in preparation for his/her performance. The contestant may decide about the performance of the repetitions. Only original piano works can be performed in this competition. The competition is performed in two stages. The work (composition) performed by the contestant in the first stage one can not be repeated in the stage two. All award recipients must perform free of charge at the final concert of the competition where they will also receive their award. If they refuse to perform, the award will not be given.
  1. All contestants renounce their rights to radio and television recording and broadcasting of their competition performance and the final concert (including the internet broadcasting of the competition).
  2. The order of the performances at the competition will be determined by a random draw of the contestant’s initials.
  3. Proof of contestant’s identity is required to register for this competition.
  4. Cost of travelling and accommodation are contestant’s responsibility and are not refunded by the competition organizers.
  5. In an insufficient number of the applications are received, the organizer has the right to either cancel the individual category or the entire competition. Should such circumstances arise, the application fee will be refunded.
  6. Application forms and deadlines
    The application dead-line is June 30th 2016. Under exceptional circumstances (as determined by the competition organizer) applications beyond this date may be accepted. The application form is available online. The application for the contestants in all categories should include the following data and documents:
    – A carefully filled out application,
    – A copy of a valid passport, national identification card or birth certificate,
    – A receipt of the application fee payment.
  7.  Application fees:
    – Category JUNIOR: 50 € (70 € in case of a delayed application),
    – Category A: 60 € (80 € in case of a delayed application),
    – Category C: 70 € (90 € in case of a delayed application),
    – Category  I: 90 € (110 € in case of a delayed application).

The application fee should be paid via a bank transfer to:
NLB Velenje
IBAN: SI56 0242 600 15376 198
REFERENCE: 00 10-2016

  1. Awards
    Category JUNIOR has the features of a show. All contestants are awarded (Gold/Silver/Bronze) and receive a symbolic prize.
    Special awards:
    – Award for the best performed Slovenian composition,
    – Award for the promising young pianist,
    – Award granted by the public.

Category A, C, I
All contestants receive a plaque ( Gold/Silver/Bronze) or a certificate of participation. Special awards and prizes will be given. First prize can receive only contestant who wins the gold plaque.
Special awards:
– Award for the best performed Slovenian composition,
– Award for the best performed compulsory composition,
– Award granted by the Music School Fran Korun Koželjski Velenje,
– Award for promising pianist.

Category A                    Category C                            Category I

  1. Prize 100€                1. Prize 200€                      1. Prize 500€
  2. Prize 75€                  2. Prize 150€                       2. Prize 300€
  3. Prize 50€                  3. Prize 100€                       3. Prize 200€

16.  In case of misinterpretation of the English translation, the Slovene text is used as the basis for resolving misunderstandings. The competition leader is responsible for all decisions that might not have been explained in “General contidions” and any interpretation of the “General conditions”

17.  Submitting an application confirms acceptance of the “General conditions” of the 3rd Aci Bertoncelj International Piano Competition.







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